Our leathers for footwear ensure our partners can help customers put their best foot forward. We provide a full spectrum of leather for shoes - from quality casual, to seasonal fashion, all the way to strong, full grain leathers for industrial boots.
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Put your best foot forward

Our casual range of quality leathers are comfortable, durable and ideal for crafting into casual, hardwearing shoes. We have a wide selection of tough and waterproof leathers to choose from in contemporary styles.


Trends may come and go,
Our leathers lasts the distance.

Every season we release new leathers and colours that are fashion forward and follow fashion forecasts and trends, as well as our more classical leathers that are always in demand. These modern finishes include fine grain leathers that can be crafted into high quality fashion footwear.


Tough enough to take whatever the workplace throws at them.

EN/ISO 20345:2011, AS/NZS 2210.3:2009 Australasian Specification for Safety Footwear.

Our industrial range of premium leathers are strong and tough enough to last.  The options include fullgrain pigmented and aniline finishes as well as oiled/waxed and natural nubucks.

See our Technical section below for Performance additions to enhance your footwear.


Pro-tec is our waterproof industrial range. Durable premium leathers created to keep you dry in wet conditions.
Pro-tec offerings include fullgrain pigmented finishes through to oiled or waxed anilines and natural nubucks.

See our Technical section below for Performance additions to enhance your footwear.

Technical performance footwear

Add performance characteristics to your leather to give your footwear the edge over the competition and meet the highest industry standards.

Trust Tasman Leathers to offer leading technical leathers designed and developed for the harshest environments.  Performance confirmed by the most rigorous testing.


Pro-tec Leather

Tasmans Pro-tec Waterproof range is produced using a polymer silicone waterproofing system. Coating the entire fibre structure ensures waterproofing qualities while maintaining breathability. This is far superior to surface coatings or stuffed methods.

This system has a much lower environmental impact compared to traditional methods and boasts low static water uptake while maintaining high water vapour permeability.  This assists in wicking moisture away from the foot as well as any additional waterproof fabric membrane.

We have three main styles of Pro-tec leathers all finished using Stahl Neo® portfolio for leather finishing. Stahl Neo® is a ZDHC compliant finishing system designed to improve our environmental footprint, without compromising leather quality.

Aniline Oil/Wax

Fullgrain or snuffed to create a distinctive aniline appearance. Using finishes developed to either maintain or increase Maeser flexes, with minimal water absorption

Nubuck leathers

Fine nap appearance

Finished leathers

Pigment coated fullgrains delivering exceptional performance: achieving top scores for PVC migration, lightfastness, and heat yellowing

Industry specific footwear

Caustic Resistance

8 hour resistance to Caustic (Sodium Hydroxide) Soln. 3ml of 30% NaOH.
EN13832-2:2006 (In-house test)
Available in a Pigmented Fullgrain

Pathogen Resistant

A multifunctional anti-microbial product developed for the hospital/medical industry. Inhibits a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi and moulds
AATCC 147:2004

Fire and heat

Designed to meet the needs of the modern fireman
EN15090, AS/NZS 4821:2006
Fire fighters Footwear
Fullgrain pigmented and fullgrain oiled options.

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