It starts with nature

Our leathers are inspired by the land we call home: New Zealand. We believe that beautiful products come from beautiful surroundings, and our customers seem to agree.

We respect our surroundings. We endeavour to always make processing choices that minimise the impact on the environment.

Using technology to map natural beauty

We’ve innovated a reliable and robust mapping technology that grades each of our hides according to quality, and makes this data accessible and transparent. This means all hides are designated for correct use, and Tasman can expertly allocate hides to their ideal application. For our customers, they can be sure that the character of the final article is enhanced by the unique character of specific hides.

Constant testing of our product and exploration of new methods is an integral part of our process.

ISO Certification

We maintain ISO 9001:2015 and IMO wheelmark certifications, run an active in-house testing regime and computerised process control to ensure consistent quality.

We follow the guidelines for testing laid down by the industry governing body  Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists (SLTC) and the NZ Leather and Shoe Research Association (LASRA).


We innovate to introduce new methods. This is part of our ‘nature’. For inspiration we look to the unique and beautiful natural environment we are so close to. We also listen to our clients, and work closely with them. Every year we visit the world’s fashion and design centres to study fashion trends, attend trade fairs and monitor industry publications. Our clients see the results in our seasonal fashion leathers.

ISO 9001:2015
LASRA Member
Leather working group