Our sustainable promise

We believe New
Zealand is the perfect
environment to make

Pristine air, abundant fresh water, rolling green pastures and the benefit of a seasonal climate all combine to create the ideal conditions Tasman need to make premium leather for a discerning global market. As New Zealanders, we’re proud of our land’s unique and stunning natural beauty. We create exceptional products that reflect the purity of our surroundings and the passion of our people.

Our methods are underpinned by a core value: that genuine, quality leather is about respect for the whole process, including the source from which it comes to us and the impact it has on the environment around us.

We’re committed to practices that preserve the untouched beauty of our country. Clean air, pure water, lush green nature - when you feel Tasman leather, we want you to be able to feel New Zealand.

The Tasman

We’ve developed a philosophy centred around making conscious decisions to improve at every opportunity we can.

By integrating our philosophy into our methods, we ensure that the positive effects of the decisions we make are evident - every step of the way.

We believe in a holistic system, where the sustainability needs of both our clients and our community are intrinsic to our processes.

Among our clients are world-leading brands across myriad market segments: automotive, fashion, aviation, footwear and interior upholstery. We strive to create products that not only meet the demand for quality, but also represent the relationship of trust we share with our customers.

We believe in working honestly, openly and ethically alongside the people, businesses and brands we supply. We work with integrity to echo their reputation and values, all the way to the start of our process.

Our customers demand quality because of their reputation. We provide them with transparency because it is our responsibility.
Our elements

We believe that a commitment to sustainability starts by making the best choices before we even begin.
To make the best quality leather, we make ethical decisions about where we source our material from.

The New Zealand way

New Zealand has a global reputation for the quality of our land, and the quality of our farming practices. As a proud Kiwi company, we enthusiastically partner with leaders of the industry to advocate for the highest standards and continuous improvement in husbandry and farming. Our suppliers are members of the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme, an industry collaboration to create a single standard of excellence around integrity, traceability, bio-security, sustainability and animal welfare on New Zealand’s farms.

Animal welfare

Livestock in New Zealand roam year-round the famously lush and green pastures of our beautiful countryside with access if needed to conserved forages like hay and silage. They are protected by national standards to ensure they are treated with care and respect. Livestock are raised to be able to wander and graze freely - they live as they would naturally, ensuring that animals have had the best standards of welfare and lifestyle.

Animal welfare is important to us, and we’re committed to practices that handle animals with care. We partner with ANZCO to make sure the hides we source come from farms where animals have a high quality of life – free from hunger, thirst, disease and pain.

Continuing the journey

Making leather is one of the oldest recycling-based crafts on earth. We source our hides as a by-product and treat them with the greatest respect, ensuring that we are helping to minimize waste. We honour the relationship between farmers, animals and processors by transforming hides into beautiful products with superior longevity.

Tracing our steps

It’s important for us to know where our leather begins and to be able to communicate this our customers. NZ’s small size gives us a unique advantage that other countries can’t compete with. Currently we have traceability to the point of processing, but we are setting our sights further. Soon we will be able to provide our clients with traceability right back to the farm.

Our process

As we transform our raw materials into world-class products, we handle them with the utmost respect. We aim to tread as lightly on the earth as we can - every step of the way.

Our people

Without our people, we would not be able to create the quality product we are renowned for. As our people have enabled us to grow, we aim to empower our staff and community to thrive.