We’ve gone above and beyond, supplying manufacturers in the US and Europe with leather for new world-class seats in a wide range of aircraft. With leathers that meet the strict FAA technical standards required by the aviation industry, our partners choose Tasman to supply leather hides for seating throughout Boeing 777s, 787s and Dreamliners, including lie-flat Premium Business Class seats.
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Taking our leather to the skies.

Tasman Leathers of New Zealand are proud to work alongside airlines and airline manufacturers to provide leather with exceptional durability and high physical properties. Working with the likes of Air New Zealand, Jetstar Australia and BE Aerospace, Tasman has manufactured personalised colour, textures and attributes specified by clients. The ability to personalise leather properties in terms of colour and finish is highly advantageous to manufacturers, exceeding their lofty expectations with a truly impressionable finish for projects.

Aviation standards

Our products have been used by airlines, seat and airframe manufactures globally on both line and retrofit programmes.

Differing programmes have required a variety of tests and each time our product has demonstrated compliance.

Fire Test Standards we have demonstrated compliance with:

  • Flame Resistant Horizontal - FAR23.853(a)
  • 12 Second Vertical - FAR25.853(a) App F Part I(a)1(ii)
  • 60 Second Vertical - FAR25.853(a) App F Part I(a)1(i)
  • Combination Test - FAR25.853(c) App F Part II
  • Heat Release – 14 CFR 25.853 (d) App F Part IV
  • Smoke Emission – 14 CFR 25.853 (d) App F Part V

The choice for Air New Zealand

When Air New Zealand wanted something out of the ordinary for the new world-class seats on their Airbus 320s, they chose Tasman to supply leather to the seat manufacturer in the US. We also supplied leather hides for Air New Zealand’s lie-flat Premium Business Class seats throughout its Boeing 777s, 787s and Dreamliners.


Our New Zealandness and our experience of the aviation process with Mount Cook Airlines gave Air New Zealand the confindence that we could meet the CAA and FAA standards.

Our soft and more supple leathers differentiated our leather from those seen in the US and Europe. We gave them the confidence in our top quality and at competitive prices.

We ensured we could meet all of Air New Zealand’s request throughout the process. From dying leather to their colour specifications to the get the perfect match for an exclusive colour.

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