June 14, 2022

Why Waterproof Leather Is The Way to Go

At Tasman Leathers of New Zealand, we create premium, high quality leather that is used for a range of different products and purposes. We seek to understand the needs of our clients and that of their customers — and time and time again, we see a demand for leather that is waterproof, durable and comfortable enough to be walking around on all day long.

Anyone who works on their feet all day will tell you that foot safety, comfort and hygiene is paramount. The quality of material is the make or break of any shoe, and essentially, a great pair of footwear will enable workers to do their job well.

The Protec leather range created by Tasman is designed specifically with hard working employees in mind. The leather is produced using a polymer silicone waterproofing system, where the entire fibre structure is coated to ensure both waterproofing and breathability — far superior to surface coatings or stuffed methods.

We use the internationally recognised Maeser Test to guarantee waterproof standards. Maeser Testing indicates the water resistance of shoe upper leather, replicating the flexing conditions similar to those in the front part of a shoe during walking. International water resistance guidelines show that a Maeser Test result of between 5,000 - 10,000 flex provides moderate resistance, while greater than 25,000 produces excellent water resistance. Tasman maintains high quality standards and our protec leathers are required to achieve our customers’ waterproof specification as a minimum before they leave the factory.

As always, Tasman remains vigilant when it comes to reducing the environmental impact of our processes; Protec leather production has a much lower impact in comparison to traditional waterproofing methods, as it boasts low static water uptake while maintaining a high water vapour permeability. Such characteristics assist in wicking moisture away from the foot as well as any waterproof fabric membrane. Quality modern waterproofing techniques, combined with clever footwear design and construction, ultimately produce truly waterproof footwear.

The science is there, but a premium leather should look the part and be suited to your exact requirements too — that’s why Tasman’s Protec Leather range includes pigmented fullgrains, nubucks, and waxed or oiled variations. Performance is always a priority, so alongside waterproofing, our Protec leather is also available in fire, anti-bacterial and caustic resistance options.

Creating the best quality footwear begins with Tasman Leathers of New Zealand. With over 65 years of experience, we are the leading experts in the field and Tasman footwear leathers are designed to deliver. To chat about how we can help with your manufacturing requirements, get in touch with us at info@tastan.co.nz.