June 14, 2022

Selecting the Right Material for Aviation Projects

The applications for aviation leather span further than just ‘aviation’, as Tasman clients continue to request leather with exceptional durability and high physical properties for projects.

Using leather for aviation globally spans decades and while trends come and go between leather vs material, leather still endures well over time compared to other materials.

“We’ve worked with many airlines and airline manufacturers throughout the years. The odd time, Tasman customers have switched to fabric over leather due to weight and cost objectives (fabric is lighter than leather), however, often we find customers return after a few years as the fabric hasn’t lasted well in high use areas.” – Joel Cohen, Marketing Manager, Tasman Leathers of New Zealand.

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Working with the likes of Air New Zealand, Jetstar Australia, BE Aerospace and Flight Interiors who support airlines and original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) globally, Tasman has manufactured personalised colour, textures and attributes specified by clients.

Selecting the right material for aviation projects is an important design aspect, but also a cost driven consideration. The economic benefits of natural leather being a high performing, hygienic, durable and low maintenance product is becoming more widely recognised. Increasingly, we are seeing Tasman leather specified in economy cabins and across low-cost airline fleets – a hallmark to the exceptional qualities of leather.

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Generally, aviation leather will be full grain bovine with an average thickness of around 1-1.2mm. New Zealand hides with good on farm practices deliver a high level of consistency. This is important, as not only must the leather meet the high demands of aviation, but it must be ‘allowed to fly’. All Tasman aviation leather meets strict FAA 25.853 vertical burn standards for flammability and fire retardancy.

Aviation leather is not just for airlines and aeroplanes. Kadima Furniture opted to use aviation grade leather for the Wellington International Airport refurbishment in 2010 and the Interislander Ferry seating. Choosing aviation leather enabled project collaborators to meet standards for high use and ease of maintenance.

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The ability to personalise leather properties in terms of colour and finish is advantageous to manufacturers and specifiers to create a truly impressionable finish for projects.

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Imagery thanks to Flight Interiors and Kadima Furniture.