June 14, 2022

Responsible Chemistry with Stahl

Beautiful leather comes from beautiful surroundings, therefore, our leathers are inspired by the land we call home: New Zealand. To preserve the environment that inspires us, we are committed to practices that reduce our impact on nature. Our aim is to tread lightly and make the right choices – every step of the way. This is why Tasman Leathers of New Zealand chooses to partner with Stahl as our chemical supplier.

Chemical responsibility is important and we are committed to ensuring that harmful and hazardous banned substances are not used within our processes or the product thereafter. Water-based products are used during the leather manufacturing process so that volatile compounds associated with solvents are not emitted. To enable this, Tasman needed a supplier who shares a similar vision and promotes responsible chemistry—that supplier is Stahl.

Stahl is the world leader in the specialty chemistry of coatings, processing and treatments. Stahl researchers develop performance solutions that reduce environmental impacts by removing, replacing and reducing solvents and substances. Tasman uses Stahl’s Neo range of chemicals to create Tasman Typhoon—a waterproof, smooth-grained leather with a full finish and a waxy touch. Stahl Neo covers both leather finish and wet-end leather operations, noting on their website that “our Stahl Neo portfolio helps tanners remove restricted substances from their products and improve their environmental footprint without compromising on leather quality.” By using Stahl Neo products, Tasman Leathers of New Zealand are using REACH compliant products and finishes. REACH is an EU regulation on the import of goods that use chemical processes; REACH restricts the import of leather products that contain dangerous chemicals, heavy metals and pollutants. With this, not only is there no risk or threat being posed to consumers with our products, but the environment also benefits from it too.

Through our partnership with Stahl, we can fulfil our philosophy centred around making conscious decisions to improve at every possible opportunity. With this, Tasman remains dedicated to handling raw materials with the utmost respect to transform them into world-class leathers.

Visit Stahl.com to learn more about their commitment to responsible chemistry. To find out how Tasman Leathers of New Zealand can meet your design needs, contact us at info@tastan.co.nz