June 14, 2022

Our Ethics: The Tasman Commitment

At Tasman Leathers of New Zealand, a commitment to sustainability starts by making good choices from the beginning. To make the best quality leather, ethical decisions are made about where the material is sourced from and how it is processed, enabling Tasman to maintain an ethical approach from start to finish.

The New Zealand way

New Zealand is recognised globally for the quality of both its land and farming practices. It is important that Tasman upholds this reputation by ensuring all processes are ethical and of high quality. As a proud Kiwi company, Tasman enthusiastically partners with leaders of the industry to advocate for the highest standards in husbandry and farming. All suppliers are members of the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme, an industry collaboration to create a single standard of excellence around integrity, traceability, biosecurity, sustainability and animal welfare on New Zealand’s farms. The Tasman way is the New Zealand way—honest, genuine and of extremely high-calibre.

Animal welfare

Our suppliers take the welfare of animals into serious consideration. New Zealand’s livestock are raised to be able to wander and graze freely—they live as they would naturally, ensuring the animals receive the best standards of welfare and lifestyle. Roaming year-round throughout the famously lush and green pastures of the beautiful countryside, livestock still have access to conserved forages like hay and silage if needed. Livestock are protected by national standards to ensure they are treated with care and respect; Tasman are committed to working only with supplier who abide by these important regulations.

Continuing the journey

Often mistaken for being an environmental offense, leather-making is one of the oldest recycling-based crafts on earth. At Tasman, hides are sourced as a by-product and are treated with the greatest respect. With this, the aim is to minimise waste and environmental harm. The relationship between farmers, animals and processors is honoured by transforming hides into beautiful products with superior longevity.  

Tracing our steps

At Tasman, it’s important to know the leather’s origins so this can be communicated to customers. New Zealand’s small size gives the unique advantage that other countries can’t compete with. Currently, traceability is available to the point of processing, but sights are being set further—soon, clients will have traceability right back to the farm location. The Tasman way is all about continuously striving to learn, improve and excel; the commitment to growing these sustainable and ethical practices is always at the forefront.

As always, Tasman Leathers of New Zealand aspire to make the best quality leather, and to do so requires respect for this beautiful country and its environment. Using an ethical approach to decision making ensures this commitment to sustainability is upheld—it’s important to remain accountable. To find out more about how Tasman Leathers of New Zealand can support you with your manufacturing and design objectives, please contact us at info@tastan.co.nz