June 14, 2022

Collagen: Taking Tasman’s End to End Processing to the Next Level

The quest to constantly reuse or reduce waste is in our DNA at Tasman Leathers of New Zealand under our core value of end to end processing.

So, how does Tasman identify new opportunities beyond leather making in a way that adds value to both the environment and customers and build on our access to disease free, grass fed cattle? Collagen is the answer...

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The ability to split the hide early in the process and segregate from the leather making process, creates the opportunity to better utilise the natural protein of the hide. Splitting prior to tannage can be considered a cleaner technology, as it saves chromium and yields a by-product. The hide split creates a source of collagen that is ideal for further processing. For example, at Tasman, the collagen split has recently been diversified into a preserved state suitable for extrusion into edible sausage casings and other products.

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The introduction of this process means Tasman are now utilising hides that were primarily exported. The ability to use the whole hide in a way that adds value is a unique advantage that sees Tasman progressively making the most of the by-product’s proteinic character. As a result, disposal to landfills becomes an unattractive solution to a problem that has plenty of potential for reuse.

Due to production demand, it is clear there is a need to explore even more higher value options for collagen. The value that collagen evidently adds to a wide range of sectors, clients and consumers is beyond what Tasman could have hoped for with high quality leather manufacturing—it makes for an exciting world of possibilities.

Being able to contribute to such innovative projects that not only add value to customers, but also reduce the leather industry’s expense on the environment is a rewarding prospect for Tasman. Collagen production presents an exciting new look into the future at Tasman and how value can be extended beyond the mainstreams of making leather.

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