June 14, 2022

60+ Years of NZ Made Shoes Together: McKinlays Footwear and Tasman Leathers of New Zealand.

The relationship between McKinlays Footwear and Tasman Leathers of New Zealand spans decades.

McKinlays Footwear has been making shoes since 1879, Tasman has been making leather since 1953. The relationship showcases the collaboration of two historic New Zealand manufacturers.

Today, McKinlays and Tasman are the only New Zealand leather footwear manufacturers in their fields.

A focus on quality, traditional techniques and philosophies results in a superior product, setting shoes apart from the mass produced mainstream. Staff have an average of over 17 years experience per person, providing access to skills and quality that cannot be found in mass produced footwear.

The bulk of McKinlays’ production is for the school leather shoe trade using premium New Zealand steer hides. But, you’ll also recognise their iconic colourful boots.

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In preparation for 2021 release, McKinlays and Tasman have curated an exclusive orange and yellow camoflague leather for next season’s boots.

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When asked “why Tasman?”, Graeme McKinlay says, “we have bought international leather in the past, but there is no advantage. There are bigger lead times, higher freight costs, and New Zealand leather is superior. It 100% makes sense to support New Zealand made leather”.

Together, McKinlays and Tasman continue to make great New Zealand footwear using beautiful, natural, performing leather.